JUNE 2015

As summer arriving, so are news from us! We have plenty of new acoustic material and we have started producing small video to support them. The first one is Evening Song and really is like a candle in the wind. Hope you'll like it and share it! Like last year we will be playing for the music fest in Vanves, place de la République. A good way to discover our new songs and our new acoustic sound!


It's been a while ;-) It's because we're mainly working on new material!

JUNE 2014

Summer is not quite there. Not even springtime but... We'll play on the 4th of June at the Buzz, with Leemon Peel and Disorder Kid. Of course, for the 21rst of June we'll play for the music fest. This time it will be in Vanves. More information soon. Last but not least, here are some nice pictures of the last Oliver Peel session. It's there. Thanks again to Oliver for the invitation, Hervé G. for the place and Hervé D. for the pics!

MAY 2014

Next shows : Thursday the 15th of May, let's go to Bagnolet for the 75th Oliver Peel Session ! Acoustic show with 16PAC and HOLDEN. All details here. And Wednesday the 4th of June, 16pac we play at le BUZZ, the new indie musique temple in Paris with Leemon Peel et Disorder Kid.

APRIL 2014

Spring is there, and we're pleased to announce a lot of shows. Friday 4th of April we will play at CLUB 56 (Paris 11ème, 21h). Thursday the 15th of May, a great acoustic session with Holden for the mythic OLIVER PEEL SESSION. The place is not yet decided. Stay tuned on Facebook to know the secret place. On Wednesday the 4th of June, we'll play at le BUZZ, in Belleville and of course as usual we will play for the music fest on the 21st.


First of all, we wish you all the best for 2014, with a lot of happiness and music! For a good start in the year, what else than a good show? Guess what? We'll be playing on the 9th of January at the Pop In in Paris. It's funny because it's been 10 years since we've played our first ever show at... the Pop In ;-). So see you on Thursday for a bunch of new and old songs. By the way, the song The Alarm is played on radio show British Connection. We're also gonna be playing in the subway stations again. Stay tunned for details!


When it's cold, nothing is better than music to warm you up. That's why we will play on the 18th of December at le theatre de la ville de Vanves for the city's young talent festival. We've also a nice black and white photo gallery from our last show at l'OPA, thanks Thomas. And of course, we're very happy to welcome Juliette in the team for booking and promo stuff.


This month, show at la Dame de Canton on the 28th of November with Billie Brelok. We've also been last Monday on the radio show On Ze Rock. The show can be heard on the website. It contains interviews and acoustic versions of our last EP. Enjoy !


Lots of news this month. First, we will play next Wednesday (October the 16th) at l'OPA. We will play with WEDGE and The Melting Snow Quartet. We've also got tons of good reviews. They all can be read from the website (Press). We've also been selected by the RATP to play in the subway. So maybe you will see (and hear) us while going back from work!


This fall : touring ! We're going to play on the 16th of October at l'OPA (Paris), on the 28th of November at la Dame de Canton (Paris) and on the 12th of December at Pop In (Paris). We'll also be on the radio on the 18th of November in On Ze Rocks show at Orléans. We're happy that webzines such as A Découvrir Absolument, Desimposture, Ecouter-Musique, Dans Le Mur Du Son and Stars Are Underground are about to talk about the last EP! Still, the Underwater Sessions video is available on our YouTube page.


To celebrate the end of summer vacations, we offer free ringtone for Armenian Rhaposody ! Available for iphone ou other phones (mp3). Enjoy !

JULY 2013

Summer is here ! So, before vacation here are some news. The complete Underwater Sessions video is now available on our YouTube page. Enjoy ! We've also totally redisign our website so all important information will be easily seen. So, see you in September with shows (Emergenza...) and radios (we'll be on On Ze Rock, in Orléans, who already played Snowflake - right after the last Pixies !).

JUNE 2013

The new album is out ! Underwater Sessions EP is available on all digital platforms. You can also order the Digifile version from our shop (10E, shipping included). The Underwater sessions video is also available. Stay tune on our YouTube page to discover it !

MARCH 2013

Here we come again ! Just a tiny bit early but let me tell you something -- we've got news for you !! First of all, we will play at the annexe de la Mairie du 14ème on the 4th of March at 20:00 sharp :0)) (we will only play for 30 minutes so be on time !!). You will also see other artists as it is a festival lasting from the 2nd of March to the 5th of March. All the details are here or on our Facebook event. Bang, bang : Tom has shot us again... but this time, it was done "live"... and here it is....


We've just recorded our new EP ! It was just incredible ! In fact, we recorded AND filmed our "live" session. It looks very promising and we can't wait to show you all the video !! Special thanks to Julien, Aur?lie, David, Fabien et Tom. Don't forget our show at OPA Bastille with Jack Transe and Rollercoaster. The Facebook event is right there.


January : time to wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of music and shows ! We are particularly excited 'cause we are going to record a new EP in February. It will be a brand new exercise for us as we will record "live" our six new songs ! And it will be filmed too ! Our last show at OPA Bastille was so thrilling that we're going to play there again on the 7th of February. The Facebook event is right there. And by the way, we have new vids, thanks to Tom, on our YouTube page.


What a great gift idea : 16pac on stage ! We will play on Friday the 14th of December at l'OPA with Disco Mojo Club and Lighted Sound. Everything is there. Now we have a SoundCloud. Enjoy !

JUNE 2012

After rainy springtime, comes sunny summer again ! As usual we will celebrate the music festival in Paris with a free street show on the 21rst in front of 96 Bd du Montparnasse in Paris (starting at 19h30). We will play several sets so please come whenever you want! We also produced a small video shooted in our sweet little basement with several iPhone and iPad. It's an acoustic version of Californian Girl, an unrealeased song from our forthcomming album. Enjoy !


Happy new year 2012 ! As christmas is not far away, we're giving away a free ringtone : it's on the shop page. Last time you've heard about us was in June for the music day which will remain one of our best shows. Amazing evening ! You can find a testimonial of this evening with this video. It's true we've been silent for a while since then. Don't worry, we're still alive ! We're rehearsing some new material, we're preparing a studio recording (including filming of the sessions - our personal scotch mist ;-) and incidentally we have a new drummer. We've also our new spacial music video for song "In The End". It's doing pretty good on YouTube with 400 plays in 2 month ! Thanks Laurent for this video which can been seen here.

JUNE 2011

In June, let's celebrate music! We will be playing in the street on the 21rst in front of 96 Bd du Montparnasse. There should be new and old songs ans lot of fun. This month's free MP3 is from our live session of the 4th of May in show Planet Claire. It is an acoustic version of So Strange and it's in the Shop page of the website !

MAY 2011

We've decided to go on with our free mp3 giveaway. This month, it's an acoutic version of Mekong Song and it can be found in the Shop page ! On the 4th of May, we'll have a radio session on the radio show Planet Claire (on Aligre FM 93.1).

APRIL 2011

It's Springtime! To celebrate, we give away a free mp3 of our last show at la Loge. The song is "Poderosa" and it can be found in the Shop page! Following our last show of the 17th of March at la Péniche Antipode, here are some pictures (thanks Thomas !).

MARCH 2011

We will play on the 17th of March at la Péniche Antipode with Chalk Face. we're working on new material and also old songs which haven't been played for long. Show starts at 9pm and cost is 8 Euros only.


First, thanks to all that have come to see us at la Loge on the 7th of January. It was great and our new line up (with Jérôme on the drums) looks very promising. You can watch this great live video from this show (thanks Clo!). There are also plenty of pictures from Thomas.


Happy new year 2011 ! We hope to offer you several suprises this year! First of all, you can join us on Friday at la Loge opening for Pollyanna on the 7th of January. You will discover our new line-up (Jérôme joined us on Drums). Show starts at 8:30pm and the address is 77 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris.



Underwater Sessions EP - 2013 (10€) 

Down Under The Elevator - 2010 (10€) 

Endless Work In Progress - 2006 (10€) 

My Heart Is Full Of Music - 2003 (8€) 

The 16pack ! Our 4 albums for only 25€ 

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Electric Fantastic Sound (May 2007):

Mainly guitardriven pop with some electronic backgrounds, 16 Pac's music is probably best placed in the same category as Björk or Portishead. Not an album for your party, but maybe for the afterparty? more

Past All Concerns (December 2006):

Endless Work In Progress describes and helps us understand feelings that other musics can only attempt to reach; one feels less alone while listening to it and finds  comfort, and (often...) cries; and this music has to be respected and  admired, in silence... more

Subba-Cultcha (August 2006):

A voice that’s rich, soft, full of an emotional grace and emotionless poise when required. It has the breathless, floating jazz folk sound of Solid Air period John Marytyn minus the roughened edges. A wonderful sound, just searching for the songs to devastate you…more (February 2005):

Sporting a Portishead meets Morr Music kind of vibe, 16PAC combines heroin-chic poetry and vocal seduction with superbly crafted low-end melodies and glitchy, skeletal beats. Emotionally provocative and instantly accessible, 16PAC is the folk music of the fiber-optic generation. more

Connexion Bizarre (October 2004):

There are things we learn to like. more



16pac is the synthesis of wide-ranging influences from Triphop, Postrock and Elektrofolk to Neil Young, Björk, PortisHead and RadioHead.
It all started in 2011 when Emma and François embarked on a new and exciting concept diverging from their earlier musical paths.
Their first EP "My Heart Is Full Of Music", made it into the august magazine Les Inrockuptibles' CQFD selection. The release of their second album "Endless Work In Progress", led to the band’s inclusion on Fnac Jeunes Talents’ CD and prompted them to play live with the addition of Vincent, their new bass-player. After their third album "Down Under The Elevator", the band felt that a new era had begun and that a drummer, in the shape of Eric, was now needed.
This new line-up will result in a live video and audio recording to be released in 2013.
Their records are avalaible in shops and from main online music stores through COD&S and Believe


Stay tune!


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